TS1200/TS1204 Tractor

Product Details

TS1204 Tractor

Main Features

■ A transmission even smoother than your car`s

Using clutch transmission, which could provide you a large range of speed with 16 forward gears and 8 reverse gears, speed covers the range of 2.34-33.7kM / h. That means gear shifting is more convenient and comfortable. You could always make a proper gear selection in a wide speed range according to the changes of circumstances, the function of different farm implements, the changes of speed and the undulating of the ground.

■ Tilting traction structure

Full Vision cab with frameless glass cover, provides maximum field of vision for the driver, making it safer to operate the tractor.

Using plastic strips to seal the whole cab, which could effectively cut off the noise from external environment, gives you an excellent sealing performance.

The operator-oriented designing idea and ergonomic interior layout, make every button in the around you clearly marked and easy to touch. Equipped with heater, you can choose to install air conditioning for the driver to bring more comfortable and pleasant driving experience.

Tilting traction structure effectively reduce the impact load and tractor vibration, the driving experience is more comfortable while making the connection structure more durable.

Mechanical hydraulic seat with armrests and headrest could provide you an adequate support. That means It could provide you complete comfort and confidence by effectively reducing turbulence generated during operation when you operate in the toughest of territory.

■ Independent double-acting clutch

An efficient hydraulic power steering systems means your steering will be more smooth and flexible, just enjoy your driving.

Full Vision cab equipped with frameless glass could give you better driving vision in the complicated situation.

Using independent double-acting clutch, realizes independent controlling to the farm machinery. According to this system, you could cut off or adjust the power output without stopping the tractor, simplifies the process and reduces fatigue, improves work efficiency.

■ Hydraulic output

Paddy wheel is optional, making it adapt to different working conditions

Hydraulic output is optional, making your tractor match more kinds of farm machinery and implements, to meet your different demands.

Technical Specifications


TS1204 Tractor

Drive Type



Engine Manufacturer

YTO Group Corporation

Engine Model


Engine Type

four-stroke, inline,water-cooled,naturally aspirated

Max Torque(N·m)/Revolving Speed(rpm)




Cylinder Diameter * Stroke


Fuel Tank Capacity(L)


Engine Rated Power (kW/rpm)


Rated Operating Conditions Fuel Consumption Rate(g/kW·h)


Drive Train


LUK single disc,dry,independent dual-stage

Standard PTO speed(rpm)




Steering type

hydraulic steering

Gear Shift Mode

main transmission synchronizer shift, auxiliary transmission meshing gear shift

Speed Range


Break System

Service Brake

pedal,mechanical drive,hydrostatic,disc

Parking Brake

handle operation,multi friction surface mechanical compress,oil bath type

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Output Flow(L/min)


Hydraulic Output Valve

2 ways

Working Device

Three-Point Suspension

postposition,Category II

Max.Lifting Capacity(kN)


Tillage Depth Adjustment

draft and position adjustable

General Parameter

Overall Dimension(L*W*H)mm

With cab


Without cab




Min. operating weight(kg)

With cab


Without cab


Min. Ground Clearance(mm)


Min.turning radius(mm)


Front Tire


Rear Tire


Rated Pull


Optional Disposition


hydraulic pressure lifter,swing draw bar,air brake,2 gourp hydraulic output,synchronization PTO

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